The fact we had been making our products for more than a century and half and they enjoy great reputation and prestige, is not by chance, result of every generation's effort and dedication that have looked out for keep and improve the quality of our products. That was the way how Mrs. Micaela (called in a lovely way La Colchona), who was engaged in the winter months with the hog slaughter in the most stately houses in Estepa, using the excess of lard to make the well-known as "mantecate" (similar to today's mantecados).


These "mantecates" had a short durability, they hardened soon, then to avoid that Micaela dried out the flour giving heat, removing the dampness. Thereby achieving the product stay tight on the outside and tender on the inside.

Modifications introduced resulted in a product of great prestige and recognition in the pastry trade.

Definitively she was a woman who knew perfectly the most appropriate gears to make excellent and delicious Christmas sweets. So good had to be that her friend Jose Hermoso advised her to give them to her husband who worked as driver from Estepa to Cordoba to sell them in every square, starting well the commercialization of the mantecado and an industry which joined to the name of Estepa make up a indissoluble couple.




Since then five generations have perpetuated to nowadays, on the fringes of styles, those classic recipes - mantecados, polvorones, doughnuts of wine, chocolates, pastry sweets... - with which today we come to your table.

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